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Latino boy’s first encounter

It's not easy to pick up another guy. I decided to check the singles scene on the Internet. My boy of choice would be a latino teen. I have always been drawn to latinos, for their passion, skin color and uncut cocks.
What I found was exactly my dream. I responded to his ad and he wrote back and wanted to visit. At the time, Pablo was a senior in high school, I was in my mid-30's, a white guy, good shape and living alone. Pablo decided to stop by and check me out.. As he told me later, when he first saw me, he got "wet", meaning his cock started to leak precum. But it was the next time that we actually got physical. He was 18, almost ready to graduate from high school. His skin color was dark, his face was so handsome, young and cute but with a masculine flair. He had the hint of a moustache and the rest of his body was virtually smooth and hairless. When we hugged, I immediatley felt his hardness grinding against me. This Latino boy was hot, hard and ready to go. We sucked face for awhile, he really liked his ears licked and his neck kissed and sucked. I unbuckled him and reached inside his baggy jeans and tight underwear to feel a wet cock, slimy with precum, hard as a rock and foreskin partially retracted. I withdrew my wet fingers and tasted his salty, spicy leche. With that he tore off his clothes, we both got naked and went back to kissing, hugging and humping. Pablo wasn'/t huge, I would call him average but an 18 year old's hardness easily made up for the size. His dick was on fire, I went down on him and ran my tongue around his partially hidden foreskin, rimming the sensitive head of his brown cock. Already his dick was jerking and leaking as I sucked it down to the root. His hairless balls were so smooth, they were like orbs of butter in my mouth. He started letting out sharp gasps as I took each ball in my mouth and then both. Then, I licked under his balls and could taste his muskiness close to his culo. This drove him crazy. He reached for his cock and started jerking it, I took his hands away and went back to servicing him. Meanwhile, he got into a 69 position to begin pleasuring me. I also am average size, but his hot, young, virgin mouth put me in instant ectasy. He hadn't done it to a guy before, I was his first and he didn't disappoint. He swirled his tongue around my cut cock and manhandled my balls. I told him to squeeze hard as he sucked on me. The tingle in my nuts and his virgin mouth and cute, dark latin face going down on me was getting me close. I pulled away, grabbed some KY, coated his hardness with the jelly and then took a position over him, guiding the quivering cock into my entrance. I could feel the heat from his dick as he entered me. I took my time, just giving him a little taste, then pulling out, feeding Pablo a little more each time. He looked like he was in a trance, his face hard, intense and concentrating. Then I plunged down onto him and felt his stiffness deep inside of me. That was it, he couldn't let me be in charge anymore, he grabbed my waist, lifted me a little higher and then started fucking his cock in and out of me, making slapping noises as his balls connected with my butt cheeks. I leaned over and kissed him hard as he drove his dick deep inside of me. An 18 year old doesn't last long and soon he was moaning and warning me that he was close. I slowed things down and told him to use his hands to stroke me so I could get closer. We decided to switch, putting me on my back and him between my legs. This gave him total control and it also put him in a better position to massage my prostate as he pounded me. He began to sweat. I stroked myself and pinched his nipples. He moaned louder when I did that. I also grabbed his hairless balls and gently massaged them as he fucked me. He was getting really close by the sound of his moaning and rapid breathing. I told Pablo to cum on top of me. He nooded that he would. Just then, he pulled out, grabbed his wet cock, jerked it once or twice and out came his first load, shooting well up and over my head, the next splatter landed on my chest, stomach and then what seemed like a continual flow of white, thick cream directed right on top of my hard cock. He panted and moaned as each load landed on me. I worked his hot, creamy seed into my own hard cock and swollen balls. The feeling of his freshly shot cum covering my cock and balls had me almost at the brink of climax. I told Pablo to put his still hard dick back inside of me and squeeze my balls. As he massaged my nuts, the tingle began deep inside, intensified by the feel of his brown cock sliding in and out of my well lubricated entrance. He slammed into me for the last time and planted his cock deep inside as he squeezed my balls hard and my load explolded, landing on my neck and chest and stomach, mixing with Pablo's earlier release. My load wasn't as big as his but just as intense. We both collapsed into each others arms and locked our bodies together, our cum cementing us together. 
We have since been together a couple dozen times, each time as passionate and hot as our first. Pablo always tops me and we have experimented with videotaping ourselves. He is one cute, hot, horny Latino and I thank my luck in finding him on the Internet.;u=24227